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You are a Voice for the Voiceless ~ Speak Up...Be Heard!

Many of you have known me since the late 1980’s, when I had the privilege of helping Dan Allen introduce a new and much safer way to position patients for lithotomy procedures – the revolutionary boot-type stirrups.  My interest in patient positioning evolved from a way to make a living into a life’s work.  That work continues as my venue for patient advocacy; specifically to help you prevent all types of positioning and pressure injuries.  While I still earn a living as an independent sales rep, and now as President of High Country Medical, my educational venues represent my personal outreach to you and your staff as you strive to be the best patient advocates you can be.  This website reflects my commitment ot you and my thanks for all that you do each day, so we can work together to be...."A Voice for the Voiceless" ~ Clare Tager 


Each of our patients is someone's mother, father, child or grandparent.