Nurse Profiles

ChristyCrookRN-RoboticsCoordinatorChristy Crook, RN – Former OR Nurse – GYN and Robotics team.
Now permanently injured, and doing home health care.
Candy Canes Stirrups!

She is now considered a fall risk and cannot get a job in the OR.
Her femoral nerve injury is permanent!
Before her injury, she was many things:
  • GYN Robotics Coordinator
  • Active mother of 5
  • Wife of a police officer
  • Patient Advocate
  • Animal rescuer
She desires to share her experience with perioperative nurses in an effort to prevent injuries to other patients, through education and advocacy.  Contact Christy by email, with your positioning questions, (she is a consultant for this site) or just to say Hello and Godspeed.

Christy has a Poster Session (Slot 220)
at AORN Conference 2015!
“How Far Would You Go To Protect Your Patient”

The Letter that started this journey!
To Clare Tager from Amy Bourgeois
April 5, 2012   12:11AM
Mrs. Tager,
      I’m sorry to disturb you, as I know you must have an extremely busy schedule but in my search for help or information your name keeps reoccurring. If you will please take a moment to read my story, I will try to keep it short, providing only the most basic information.
      On January 3rd 2012 my 35 year old cousin Christy, an RN and OR patient advocate herself, underwent a vaginal hysterectomy. She specifically asked her nurses that she not to be placed in the candy canes prior to surgery, as she knew the risk that could be involved in them. After she was put under and the Dr arrived he insisted that the candy canes be used to position her. She was then in the canes for 2 hours and 45 minutes. After the surgery, when she was coming to, she became alarmed that she was lacking sensation in her right leg. (this is the part where I am cutting out MUCH information to keep it simplified) It was a NIGHTMARE from this moment forward…. Feeling never regained, can’t feel thigh to knee, therefore can’t bend knee, fever set in, staph and septic, was placed on flagyl, vancomycin, and gentamycin. At least 8 days in the hospital, was readmitted through ER after initial release. It took begging, crying and fit throwing to finally have an MRI conducted, Dr. finally ordered MRI on the 20th! after being readmitted to through ER. She was told everything from, “feeling will come back soon” to, “it’s all in your head” (yes, the Dr who performed the surgery actually said this) Final diagnosis, “femoral nerve damage, it may take up to a year to heal but never heal 100%.”No one wants to say what caused said damage. Because she is a nurse with this hospital her insurance only covers her seeing Dr. in this hospitals network so we don’t feel as if she is getting an unbiased, straight forward opinion, nor the best care. We are now in April and feeling as yet to improve. She can’t drive, let alone nurse without being able to use her right leg beyond a mere shuffle. Her family’s income has decreased by half, her emotional health is taking a beating as this vibrant, independent young women now suddenly finds herself depending on her husband taking on the bulk of the family responsibilities. (Did I mention she is the mother of 5?)
       At this point she receives limited PT that doesn’t seem to be helping greatly…. She sent me a picture yesterday of her thigh/knee in relation to the healthy leg, you can clearly see where she is losing muscle mass. And I don’t know how to help her and it is breaking my heart… As I said, your name kept reoccurring in search engines as I researched this, I hope that you have information that could be helpful or at least point us in the right direction. By God’s grace and her faith and family has she made it thus far with her spirits (mainly) intact.
Thank you so much for your time, Amy Bourgeois