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Experience & Expertise: 

Clare Tager is an associate member of AORN and has worked in the medical industry for three decades, the last 18 years dedicated to patient positioning in the OR. She joined with Dan Allen in the late 1980’s to promote a new technology designed to prevent patient injury, the Allen Universal Stirrup. It was during that time that she met Dr. Jane Rothrock, past President of AORN, and inspired by her models and enthusiasm for nursing education, Clare began to pursue a track of patient advocacy paralleling her career as a sales representative selling capital equipment to the OR.

To date Clare has worked in more than 1000 hospitals and surgery centers across twenty states. During that time she has taught, trained, written and consulted on patient positioning and pressure injuries in the OR, including CEU-approved programs.

Clare Tager was a co-presenter on Patient Positioning in the OR at National  AORN Congress 2004 at the behest of AORN President Donna Watson, delivering this presentation as well at the NC/SC AORN in 2003. She was the co-author/consultant for the Patient Positioning and Pressure Presentation at the 2006 AORN Congress. In 2009 Clare gave her “Art and Science of Patient Positioning” presentation to the North Carolina/South Carolina AORN Council on Patient Safety in Raleigh. Her interview with Surgical Product News “ Education is Key in Patient Positioning ” is available in the on line archives of Surgical Product News.

Clare continues to investigate and promote new evidence-based competencies for nurses in the OR, offering training seminars and on-site educational programs to promote safe patient positioning. Combining studies, personal experience, narratives from professionals and fact-based evidence, Clare’s goal is to offer her unique perspective to a growing audience of clinical and industry professionals.


Clare and Miles live in a 100 year-old farmhouse outside West Jefferson NC, deep in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with rescue dogs Zizzy and JJ and Clare’s Quarter Horse, Flame.

They work in their home office with a view of Three-top Mountain , and commute (not with the horse) to over 200 hospitals in North Carolina, South Carolina and East Tennessee.

Clare is an educator and consultant on patient positioning as well as an independent sales rep. Miles is a free-lance writer specializing in marketing and PR for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the medical marketplace. ( see our Medical Marketing link under High Country Medical ) Miles is the author of Grandfather Mountain, A Profile, and is his next book Homage to Appalachia is due to be published next year.

Both Miles and Clare have a deep appreciation for the lives and work of the OR nurses they call on, and who are part of their circle of friends.